Sharktech Upgrades to 100Gbps Uplinks

Many ISPs are cautious when investing in anything new. The tendency to use what has always worked often leads companies to stick with aging technology. Sharktech embraces forward movement knowing it is essential to staying competitive in today’s hosting world. As a leader for 15 years in DDOS protection, we’re usually the first to make a move. Currently the industry standard for datacenter network uplinks is 10G circuits or multiple bundled 10G circuits. This has been the industry standard for the past 9-10 years.

Sharktech has begun to upgrade most of our uplinks from 10Gbps to fully redundant 100Gbps. This upgrade will allow for greater burst capacity on any given carrier and positions Sharktech for explosive growth in network capacity. As an industry leader, we’re excited to announce that we’re one of the first to invest in this 100-Gigabit-per-second capacity. Most datacenter services run entirely on 1Gbps or 10Gbps ports.

Despite the best load balancing algorithms deployed when bundling 10G circuits, we are still bound by the physical separations of such circuits. Moving toward 100G will make us much more resilient to congestion problems and incoming DDoS attacks. This results in decreased likelihood of jitter on our network and increasing our ability to withstand high capacity DDoS attacks. This is industry-leading.

DDoS protection will be tremendously enhanced with such a step allowing us to handle over 300Gbps of attack per data center location, with the ability to add even more 100G circuits from other transit providers.

We find that the trend in bandwidth utilization and the pricing of 100G infrastructure is a sound long-term investment, and with our strong relationships with our transit providers which we are able to leverage this allows us a smooth transition to 100G. Sharktech is able to absorb the cost of this capacity upgrade without the need to pass it to consumers, so there will be no price increase to our services. Additionally, this capacity upgrade will be conducted without any need for a service interruption.

Interested in learning more? Contact sales (at) sharktech (dot) net for more information. We’d love to talk about it!